Is NEXD GDPR-compliant?

What is the NEXD stance on GDPR and how does it impact use of the NEXD Campaign Manager platform?

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Firstly, let's answer the most common question on this topic:

Is NEXD and the NEXD Campaign Manager platform GDPR-compliant?


But let's expand on that a little.

The only data that NEXD gathers that can be considered "personal data" are IP addresses. 

However, those IP addresses are anonymised at the point of tracking to ensure total privacy.

While NEXD tracks a lot of things related to how users interact with NEXD Campaign Manager creatives, none of that can be tracked back to the user themselves as the IP address is anonymised.

As NEXD is a creative-focused technology company, we don't have any dealings with targeting or user tracking. Thanks to this there a no aspects of NEXD's creative technology that are impacted by GDPR.

In fact, we broadly welcome the GDPR and IAB Transparency & Consent framework. NEXD's focus as always been on the end user-experience and leveraging creativity, rather than pure big data to engage with audiences.

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