We’re always making changes to improve Nexd, and we’ve taken a few more steps forward, with the aim of helping you. We’ve made some recent improvements to the Nexd Campaign Manager. 

What's new in Nexd?

New features:

  • Users can now share creative and campaign analytics dashboard with unregistered users. In the analytics page - right next to the Export creative, user can now click on "Share creative/campaign" that copies a shareable link to the user's clipboard.
  • When user uploads media that's in the right size (image/video aspect ratio equals placement size) then the cropping tool is no longer opened. Should the user need to either align or scale the media they can do so by opening the cropping tool via edit icon and modify the media accordingly.
  • When user creates a mobile interscroller then the creative's full size will be by default for high aspect ratio mobile devices. User can still change the placement (viewport) size as previously. More information about high aspect ratio can be found on our support article: https://support.nexd.com/en/articles/3451578-high-and-low-aspect-ratio-mobile-devices
  • NEXD preview site now asks for motion and orientation sensor permission from iPhone users that use Safari to show the ads in full functionality. Users can deny the access and won't be asked again for a month, which will result the ad working only with touch instead of gyro/tilting. Just to clarify: this affects roughly 10% of traffic globally (eg 12% in Europe, 25% in US, 6% in Asia). All our ads have a fallback and work as designed with touch.

Thank you for your time! 

Your NEXD team

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