We’re always making changes to improve Nexd, and we’ve taken a few more steps forward, with the aim of helping you. We’ve made improvements to the Nexd Campaign Manager to make it even easier to build and track the progress of eye-catching ads.

What's new in Nexd?

Nexd Campaign Manager:

  • CTA and logo can be put in any position within the placement.

Until now in Campaign Manager we had a limitation that CTA overlay asset had to be positioned in the bottom 25% of the creative area and logo asset had to be positioned on the top 25% of the creative area. 

With this update we have added the option that you can place an overlay CTA and overlay logo elements across the whole placement area, not just the top and bottom. We've also improved support for special characters in this case. 

  • Improved video optimization for video layouts.

Video files are more compressed now, so your video creatives are even smaller than they were before, while still maintaining the high quality you’ve come to expect.

  • Downloading reports for creatives with special characters is now supported.
  • Analytics data is based on the user’s timezone.
  • A fix has been applied to the export of analytics.
  • Analytics data is now grouped in years, months and days.
  • Video cropping has been made easier.

Preview site:

  • In the preview site, browser bars can now be switched on and off.
  • If a user tries to download a tag that is not generated, the user is notified (this feature applies only to new creatives). 


  • Several updates have been made in the UI, and there are a number of functionality fixes.

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