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Release notes - CO2 display and VAST creatives - September 2022
Release notes - CO2 display and VAST creatives - September 2022

September 2022 platform updates

Updated over a week ago

Highly requested changes in Campaign Manager and focus on sustainability

We love your feedback and do our best to turn it into reality!

The changes we have applied are:

  • Add overlays and end cards to VAST creatives

  • Show the CO2 effect of your creatives

Add overlays and end cards to VAST creatives

The most significant change you can use immediately is the added capabilities for overlays. Many of you asked, and we delivered; now, you can add overlays also to VAST creatives. Previously you could not do this, but this is now history! The overlay is the wavy white element in the video, including the CTA.

This is a good option if you want to edit your ad without using more complicated editing platforms. It enables you to add more information about your product, an always-on logo, CTA, frame or something else you want to emphasise.

Additionally, we added a bonus; you can now add an end card to your VAST creatives, which will show for the time you select, anywhere between 1 to 15 seconds.

To see the full functionality of overlays in action, click on the image above for an example Apple ad and the Nina Ricci example below for how an end card could look in a live ad.

Show the CO2 effect of your creatives

As sustainability and reducing the amount of CO2 become more prevalent every day, we can’t hide the fact that digital advertising produces a significant amount of CO2. Making those emissions go away entirely is probably not possible; however, we can manage and reduce the number of such emissions.

As Nexd technology already runs on green energy and we as a company have taken various steps to reduce our carbon footprint, we’ve given you the opportunity to manage yours.

We now show the amount of CO2 saved using Nexd technology. The saving comes from the fact that our creatives are lower in weight than average creatives and therefore require less energy to be processed.

To make it a bit easier to understand, we give you a comparison in the platform on how much CO2 was saved using our technology and also, to make it even more precise, we have included a real-life example.

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