Today's release sees improvements to the new NEXD Analytics site.

We moved our new Analytics to beta in December. During the beta time period we have actively been testing and resolving issues and have now implemented all exports that were previously missing to our new Analytics site. As for the next step we will be switching from the old analytics view to new analytics view during the next few weeks. We will notify our clients exactly one week before the switch, just to make the experience more smooth and convenient.

Currently, when you open your Campaign details in the Campaigns list you will be able to see the „Analytics“ button and the „Analytics V2 beta“ link.

After the switch, „Analytics“ button will take you to your new analytics. During the transformation period we will keep the link to your old Analytics view. Due to the latest changes we have also developed different metrics calculations to make the data more precise, which means that there will be differences in your data if you compare the new and the old Analytics data.

FEATURES in the new Analytics:

  • Improved view to Creative Analytics
  • Option to view analytics only for selected time range
  • Graphs for quickly analysing key performance indicators
  • Creative dwell time (now referred to as exposure time) graph to see when on average different events occur
  • Graphs and data export for understanding video engagement in more detail
  • Option to export each creative data separately or all together in one Excel file
  • Refreshed UI

Your NEXD team.

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