Yesterday our NEXD team made some updates to help improve the performance of the NEXD Campaign Manager Self-Service platform:


  • Gyro tool to support Mosaic templates in preview
  • New texts in login page
  • New email template for invitations
  • A/B testing main features: 
  1. Add creatives to A/B container 
  2. Change the split between creatives
  3. Publish A/B tag
  4. Apply creatives actions on A/B testing (copy, delete, etc)
  • Updated layout for creative publish view
  • Fix for adblock checker and notification


  • Gyro tool sensitivity increased to work better with Panorama layouts and 3D showroom
  • Updated Gyro tool
  • Fix for "After receiving an email about share campaign. The link is not working"
  • Templates splash fix
  • Optimized campaigns loading speed
  • Fix for creative preview size inside 
  • Fix for cropping tool white pixel on sides SD-1190
  • Fix for single asset templates demo size
  • Fix for duplicated creative. After duplicated creative you were not able to edit any assets in duplicated creative. Now you are able to make changes. 


  • No changes made

Your NEXD team.

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