Transparent background videos
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Introducing the latest innovation: the ability to transform videos with single-colored backgrounds into transparent ones.

  1. The process is straightforward:

    1. Upload Your Video: Simply upload your video with a single coloured background to the asset slot. For better results, we recommend using a green screen.

    2. Turn on Video Transparency: With a click of a button, activate the video transparency feature.

    3. Automatic Chroma Key Detection: Our advanced chroma key algorithm automatically detects the colour of the background and removes it, leaving you with a transparent canvas to work with. If the platform for some reason fails to do it, you can set the colour code manually.

    4. Fine-tune as Needed: Adjust the settings such as Similarity, Smoothness, and Spill to tailor the transparency to your liking. In most cases, the default settings should work just fine.

You can use transparent videos across all layouts and upload them into any asset slots to remove the background. However, if your intention is to layer the transparent video over another background, it's best to use it as an overlay which can be done in the Extras tab.

See an example here:

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