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Carry out surveys and engage ad viewers with quizzes
Carry out surveys and engage ad viewers with quizzes

Want to get feedback from your audience or engage them more?

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There are times you just want to "sell" something to the customer, you are interested in one-way communication. Just like that, there are times when you want to ask customers for information and have a conversation with them. This is where our brand new Survey layout comes in. This offers you the opportunity to let ad viewers answer a set of questions laid out by you.

When to use this layout?

Survey layout can be best used when you need to:

  • do post-campaign results/outcome research

  • collect feedback about brands, products, or ads

  • quiz ad viewers where they can win prizes for participating

  • do a field study on future product offering

Why use our survey solution?

First of all, as with all our self-serve solutions, there is:

  • No survey companies involved

  • No difficult data management issues

  • No tedious custom development needed

  • No high one-time fees for setup

  • No long approval process for making changes

Just your questions and customers' answers.

In addition to the above, there are some real tangible benefits that should convince you to try our solution:

  • The survey will be shown in ad placements, so just where your normal ad campaign is shown. This will ensure that you can target the ads and surveys with the same audience filters. You can also play around with the target audience when you want to find new customers for a new line of product or business domain. You can run the ad on all the DSPs and platforms that we support.

  • Your survey can be shown in all infeed ad sizes, so no limits to where you show it.

  • You are in control of the data: when you need, you can turn off our data collection and refer all the answers to your data management platform.

  • The survey design is customizable, so it can be shown with your company logo, brand colors, and graphics.

  • You can change questions and answers in minutes while the campaign is already running. Try doing that with Nielsen 🤣

How to set it up?

When making a new creative choose the Survey layout. Now you can see the first view of the survey with one question and choice already predefined.

1. Add questions and choices

You can ask up to 6 questions with each up to 6 choices. The question can be:

  • single-choice - only one answer can be selected by the participant

  • multi-choice - multiple choices can be selected by the participant

For each question, you can add an “Other” choice where survey participants can enter free text as one choice.

When needed, you can also change the texts on the "Next" and final "Submit" button:

Please note that the "Next" button will be only shown when you have more than one question.

Under the "Options" tab you can see settings to randomize questions and/or choices. This will show the questions or choices in no particular order for each ad viewer.

Please note that the "Other" choice will be only as the last choice even when you randomize choices.

2. (Optional) Add your style to the survey

a) Add a background image or change the color:

b) Add your logo to question screen(s):

c) Change the style of questions and answers:

3. (Optional) Add intro and end screens

The optional intro screen is shown as the first view before the question(s). We highly recommend using intro screens to raise the answer rate. The view can have an overlay, text, and a button (to start with the questions). This is a perfect place to explain why to participate and what will happen next. You can also add a compelling reason to answer your survey by giving, drawing gifts to participants, etc. For that, you can set up a separate microsite where you will collect email addresses or phone numbers as we do not collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

The optional end screen is shown after the last question. The screen can also show an overlay, text, and a button to a landing page.

4. (Optional) Use third-party trackers for personal data

When your answer choices include Personally Identifiable Information (PII), then you have to use third-party trackers to save the choices ad viewers select as we do not collect that data. You can also add trackers to use an external data management platform to analyze the submitted data. You can use the following variables in the URLs:

  • {questionOrder} - The ordinal number of the question

  • {questionText} - The text of the question

  • {choiceOrder} - The ordinal number of the question

  • {choiceText} - The text of the question. It is especially useful when you use the "Other" choice and want to record the text entered

Using the variables allows you to use the same URL for each choice tracking URL, eg:

// For each question:

// For each choice:

Analyzing results

Now that you have designed a great-looking survey and have started to collect some choices, it's now a good time to view:

  • How many ad viewers saw the survey?

  • How many ad viewers started the survey (eg saw the first question)?

  • How many ad viewers finished the survey (eg saw the end screen)?

  • How did they respond to each of the questions?

For this open the analytics of the creative and see the numbers in our great interface. The details of questions and choices selections are in the "Full events list" table in the "Navigation" category:

  • all showing of questions are in the format of Question [Name of the question]

  • all user selections of choices are in the format Choice [Name of the choice | Question: Name of the question]

  • when the question had "other" as a choice then the user input is in the format of Choice Other [User input | Question: Name of the question]

Let's go over this with a real-life example:

In the above you can see that:

  • intro screen was shown 13 times

  • the question "What's your favorite color?" was also shown 13 times

  • ad viewers chose Black 8 times and White 5 times. When you hover over the numbers you can see the share of that event from the total number of impressions (61.54% for Black in this case)

If you are data-savvy you are welcome to download the pivot spreadsheet and use our survey result template to see the number of times when:

  • the intro screen was shown (it may happen that your survey had no intro screen, so disregard this row)

  • the end screen was shown (this indicates that the survey was ended successfully)

  • each question was shown

  • each choice was selected

All with filtered, browsable data tables and fancy charts, eg:

Some common pitfalls

You should be aware of topics where your care is very much needed to end up with a successful campaign:

  • As with "normal" ads, your biggest concern should be how to lure people into seeing, and then answering your survey. As you probably know, the answer rate for surveys is very-very low, so you need to have a catchy design. You can first try with your normal target audience, but you may need to go wider, or deeper, depending on the first results.

  • To comply with GDPR, you should explain your data management on your website and add a link to it in the layout "Global" -> "T&C text" section. You can add a specific click action for the T&C text under the "Click actions" tab in the section "Asset specific click actions".

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