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Share the load by adding teammates to your organization.

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If you want to collaborate with your collegues on a campaign or creative project, you'll need to add them as users. You must have Admin role permissions to add or remove members.

Add new user

  1. Go to and click on the My Organization -> Members.

  2. At the bottom of the page click Add members

  3. Enter their name and email, then specify the user's role:

    1. User - can see and edit only campaigns and creatives that they have created or are directly shared with them

    2. Moderator - can see and edit all campaigns and creatives

    3. Admin - can see and edit all campaigns and creatives, plus manage users

  4. Click Send invite

Once you've sent the invite, the new user receives an email to the platform. They have to click on the link in the email. Until they have done so, these users will be shown as pending users. After they have accepted the invite they will be shown in the Organization members list.

Edit permissions

Each user has a different role to play, whether it's creating the campaigns, updating billing information, or exporting reports. Ensuring the right people have the right access level helps keep communication smooth and prevent potential security issues.

  1. Go to, and under My organization click Members

  2. From the list, select the user you would like to update and choose their new role from the list. The change will be automatically saved.

For more information about the user roles and their permissions please Read Here

More collaboration possibilities

You can also:

  • Edit campaign with another user - open the campaign block and enter a name or e-mail of an existing Campaign Manager user:

    When a user is not in the list, refer to Add new user section above.

  • Change the ownership of a campaign - open the campaign block and click on the "Change owner" icon, search the name of the new owner and select him/her.

  • See and edit other users campaigns - when you have the Moderator role then you can click on the "New tab" icon and enter the name of your company or co-worker to see their campaigns:

    The end result could look something like this:

  • Share campaign analytics pages with unregistered users. Anyone who has this link can view this campaign analytics without needing access to Campaign Manager. In the campaign analytics page under "Share Campaign analytics" section click on "Get link" that copies a shareable link to your clipboard.

  • Share a specific creative analytics page without access to the campaign overall or other creative analytics. In creative analytics page right next to the Export creative, click on "Share creative" that also copies a shareable link to your clipboard.

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