Account management basics

Welcome to NEXD Campaign Manager! Here's how to get signed in and out, change or reset your password.

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Sign in

To sign in to NEXD, visit If you've not signed in already, you'll be greeted by the NEXD login screen.

It looks a little something like this...

Enter the email you registered with and enter your password.

Then click Log me in! and you'll be taken to the Campaign Manager dashboard.

Having trouble signing in to your NEXD account?

If you're struggling to sign in, here's a couple of things we suggest you check:

  • Double-check your email address: In this day and age, pretty much all of us have personal and work email addresses. Double-check that you've not got them mixed up.

  • Reset your password: If you've forgotten your password, click Whoops, forgot your password? on the initial login page, enter your email and keep an eye on your inbox for the password reset email.

  • Speak to your team's administrator: If the email address you are entering isn't recognized, or you still can't get in, reach out to admin for your NEXD account within your organization, so they can make sure you have access.

  • When entering a password incorrectly or resetting the password, you may need to enter CAPTCHA code. When you have difficulties with it, let us know.

  • We don't let you use too easily guessed passwords, we actually match it with 10 000 most used passwords. So, when you see that message, then add numbers, characters or just use a longer password.

Sign out

If you're done using NEXD for the day, or are working on a computer other than your own, it's normally a good idea to log out when you're finished.

To do that, find the profile icon in the top-right corner of your screen (it's next to your username), click it, then click Log out in the dropdown menu that appears.

After clicking Log out, your account will be logged out and you will be redirected to the NEXD login page.

Change password

If you're already signed in to NEXD and want to update your password, go to First, click Unlock to edit, then click Change (next to Password, under contact info).

You'll then need to enter your current password, followed by your new password twice.

Reset your password

If you've forgotten your NEXD password, have no fear. Whether you have access to your NEXD account or not, we've got you covered. Go to and click Whoops, forgot your password?

Then, enter your email address and click Request reset.

We'll then generate a new password for you and send an email to the address you entered. Once you've logged in we suggest you reset your password via your profile page.

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