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When we first release NEXD Campaign Manager, and until today, it was only possible to publish your campaign to an HTML tag. This approach has been more than suitable for most cases, but over the past few months, we've had more and more requests for the ability to export the ad pack to a file that can be uploaded to another platform.

Today's release introduces exactly that; with a few clicks you can export your creatives to zip file.

While we still strongly encourage all of our customers to export to HTML tags, the main reason being that this method makes it much easier to track and manage data and for our engineering team to diagnose potential issues if they occur.

That being said, we recognise that HTML tags aren't suitable for every situation, hence we've added this new functionality to expand the capabilities and give our customers the tools they need to work how they work.

How it works

To publish you creative to a ZIP file you simply create your campaign as normal, build your creatives, add your assets etc.

Then, when you click Publish, you'll be greeted with an interstitial that enables you to download a ZIP file for each individual creative or a ZIP file for the whole campaign that contains all of your creatives as separate files.

Just click on the ZIP file icon next to your campaign/creative(s), and you're away.

The ZIP files themselves are structured so that they work with platforms like Google Ads and Google Studio.

In terms of billing, we're still able to track how many impressions these ads receive, so the normal CPM-based billing system still applies to creatives you download from Adcanvas and manually upload to your platform of choice.

Adcanvas bug fixes 

  • Fixed creative sorting by newest and oldest with A/B testing group; The creative list before was not able to take into regard multiple creatives in the A/B group and thus often resulted in wrong logic. This issue has now been resolved.
  • On login page, for users who have some browser extensions, didn't see "show password" icon; while using browser extensions such as LastPass, Safari Auto Password or others, then the eye icon was in the same position as these extensions.¬†
  • Fixed padding issue for gesture and snow toggles; the extra options list for creatives had some off-indentation in some cases.
  • Fix for issue, that some wider mobile creatives got desktop creatives TAG; whilst making a placement wider than 640px, the system often mistook it as a desktop creative and not optimising correctly
  • Updated text TAG's contents; minor changes on the wordings and presentation of tags.
  • Minor bug fixes for analytics and reports; analytics sometimes showed wrong viewability, engagement or load rate. This has been fixed.
  • Fix for desktop image quality; desktop images were often resized too small.
  • Fixed engagements chart data; engagement charts did not show correct data in some cases.
  • Fixed transparent PNG images getting black background; issue with our optimisation engine, that when you uploaded overlay assets, it added a black background.
  • Fixed issue that some Estonian published creatives had; sometimes when Estonian clients used the platform, their tags were set up incorrectly - this has now been resolved.
  • Fix for issue that sometimes some creatives did not show assets after opening them again; resolved an issue where adding assets during the upload period and refreshing would result in the assets not appearing upon refresh.
  • Fix for campaign collaboration and adding keywords.

Adcanvas Preview bug fixes

  • Fixes for older preview links; resolved an issue that resulted in older preview links not showing up correctly on desktop.
  • Fixes for mobile previews with video and interstitials; autoplay videos and interstitials sometimes had an issue with showing on mobile. Added "Go to" Button.
  • Fixes for QR codes not getting updated; fixed and issue that prevented desktop preview QR codes from bring updated properly.

Adcanvas Framework updates

  • Refactored our sensor handling; there was sometimes an issue with our solutions that we did not fallback correctly on different sensors to provide gyroscopic effect. We have redone our sensor handling and how these are used in our creative solutions. End result should be smoother for everyone :)
  • Recalibrated gyroscope; We have carried out another round of calibrations on different devices, browsers and operating systems. We often saw that Android and iOS devices with different browsers do not match in the sensitivity. We have recalibrated our solution to track gyroscopic engagement
  • Fixed our device detection; As NEXD creatives rely heavily on different device features, we have fixed some fallback functionalities with variety of different devices.
  • All new hit testing; we have redone our interaction handling to prevent any kind of fraudulent clicks, scroll clicking or misclicks. NEXD Creatives do not get triggered by scrolling, script clicking or clicking on other parts of the page. You have to interact as a human with our creatives.
  • New URL handling; we have revised our URL handling for clicks. In the case of an issue with end url being broken or missing we still try to enable the functionality.
  • New asset specific click tags; asset specific click tags might have not worked in some cases.
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