Analytics update: we replaced dwell time with exposure time

The term Dwell Time has been replaced by two metrics that accurately illustrate Nexd ad performances.

Updated over a week ago


Dwell Time refers to the time a user spends viewing a webpage, after clicking on a link from a search engine results page (SERP). Nexd’s use of the term had a slightly different meaning, as it was used to refer to the time a Nexd ad was viewable on a page from loading to loaded.

To address the confusion, Nexd Analytics will now calculate the time a user spends while engaging with and viewing a viewable ad. The result is the creation of two new metrics, Exposure Time (ET) and Active Exposure Time (AET). You can expect AET to be available in a future app update of Nexd Analytics.

Note: This recalculation may affect your current Nexd ad metrics by up to 30%, as the ad is now measured when it's in a viewable position, not after a page load.

Exposure Time

ET is calculated based on the average time a user spends viewing a page, which contains a viewable Nexd ad. A viewable ad is considered to be exposed by at least 50%.

You can now view your campaign ad’s ET in Nexd Analytics.

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