NEXD considers any application in the Google Play Store that supports Android 4.0 to be a legacy app and, as such, some features are disabled. Below is a list of NEXD layouts and whether they support legacy Android applications.


In-feed horizontal panorama
Fullscreen horizontal panorama
Fullscreen horizontal panorama with video
Deck of cards
In-feed float
In-feed float with video
In-feed 3D cube
In-feed 3D cube with video
Pixel pages with video
Vertical panorama
Triangular prism
Floating object
Mosaic with video
Mosaic with map
Fullscreen panorama layout
Fullscreen panorama layout with video
Fullscreen panorama layout with map
Fullscreen vertical video
In-feed video
Fullscreen floating parallax
Fullscreen 3D cube
Fullscreen 3D cube with video
Fullscreen 3D room
Pixel pages
Pixel swipe

Not Supported

In-feed scratch
In-feed scratch with video
Fullscreen scratch
Fullscreen scratch with video
Fullscreen scratch with map

Here's an example where the application supports 4.0.3 and thus is considered as a legacy app:

READ about it more from HERE:

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