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Implementing impression and click trackers manually to your tag
Implementing impression and click trackers manually to your tag

In case you haven't inserted the impression/click tracker on the platform and you wish to do so manually by modifying the tag.

Updated over a week ago

It's relatively simple to do so. To begin, you would need to add one extra parameter, such as data-3rd-tracker, to the tag and insert your impression tracker between the quotation marks, replacing IMPRESSIONTRACKER as follows:


Add the click tracker by replacing YOURURLHERE after data-click-tracker as follows:


Warning: Don't delete the macro in front of the URL, it's vital for all platform integrations.

The following example is a third-party tracker tag Javascript:

<ins class="adcads"
     <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="mraid.js" onload="window.mraidLoaded();" async defer></script>

Note: Adding a Global Pixel (third-party impression) tracker can drastically penalize your programmatic traffic reach. We strongly advise you to use third-party trackers only for interactions.

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