Did you know you can A/B test creatives made in our Campaign Manager?

A technique known as A/B testing, or split testing, involves comparing two versions of a digital asset, such as an advertisement, to determine which one performs better.

This method randomly presents A and B versions to separate user groups and analyzes their behaviour to determine the better-performing version. A/B testing is a widely used practice in digital marketing, enabling marketers to use data to make informed decisions and improve their marketing efforts.

To start, select a campaign with multiple creatives or create at least two creatives in a new campaign.

However, the creatives you want to compare have to have the same placement size in order to run an A/B test. Creatives with placement sizes 728x90 are marked on the picture.

Once you have selected the creatives you want to compare, click on the A/B button in the top menu bar.

This prompts you to publish the creatives again.

After confirming the republishing, the creatives chosen will be combined into one group. For the group, you will also have a slider to adjust the percentage of impressions both of the creatives will get; for an equal test, leave it on 50/50.

To continue, tick the box for the A/B test group and choose export to download the tags for the platform you will be running the test on.

You can check how the test is doing already during the campaign run-time. However, once the campaign has finished, you will be able to make a final judgement on which creative performed better from analytics as per usual:

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