To help us gather data and optimise the final release of the updated analytics system, we are first launching the update as an optional beta. This means that you'll still have access to the current analytics dashboard, alongside the updated beta version.

Getting access to the updated Analytics dashboard

All NEXD users have access to the update, the only thing you need to do is click on the Analytics V2 text beneath the Analytics button for the campaign you want to view.

Clicking the Analytics button will take you the current version of the analytics dashboard, and clicking on Analytics V2 will take you to the shiny new beta dashboard.

What's new in the Analytics 2.0 beta?

The first thing you'll notice in the new beta version is a completely new dashboard UI.

The first view provides you with a creative summary, including a preview of the selected creative, impression count, load rate, viewable impressions, CTR, clicks, engagement rate and engaged impressions.

Here, you'll find two fully customisable charts. Each chart allows you to view and compare 2 metrics. To change the metrics displayed in the charts, just click on the dropdown list to the upper left and right side of the chart to select the data you want displayed.

As well as a new UI, the Analytics 2.0 beta includes:

  • Dwell time - see how long, on average, the creative was in view for your audience
  • Engagement breakdown - Shows you what interaction types occur most frequently
  • Interaction timeline - Displays timeliine of what interactions happen and when, based on average engagement data
  • Events list - A full list of every interaction that occurred within your creative, as well as a count for each interaction type

Filtering you creative data

The left-hand menu in the beta Analytics dashboard allows you to filter your creative data.

You can filter your creative data by:

  • Date range - click on the date range drop-down and select the dates or pre-defined period you want to view data for.
  • Impressions - view data for all impressions, viewable or otherwise
  • Viewable impressions - only display data for viewable impressions

One of the major UI changes introduced in this beta is how you view the data for each creative. Previously, all of the analytics data for each creative was displayed in one long list. Not ideal if you have a campaign with many creatives.


Viewing historical creative data in the beta dashboard

In order to display the new data types, like dwell time, our engineering team has made changes to the analytics framework. This means that all creatives published before 01/10/2018 will only display the data currently available in the existing analytics dashboard.

Exporting data

Data export from the beta analytics dashboard has been disabled for the time being, however we plan to update this in January 2019.

If you wish to export analytics data for your creatives, you can still use the existing dashboard.

Bug & error reporting

Analytics 2.0 has undergone extensive QA by our engineering team, however we are releasing it alongside the current dashboard and as a beta because we also want to get your feedback before fully migrating to the updated analytics system.

We strongly encourage your frank, honest feedback on any issues you may experience when using the new analytics dashboard. If you've got anything you would like to share, then you can reach us via live chat or email.

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