The "Call To Action" of a creative if one of its most critical elements, particularly in the case of performance-based campaigns.

Without a clearly written and designed call to action, your audience can take in your message, but isn't given than extra motivation to take "action".

Including at least a simple CTA, on a clearly defined background so it stands out from the rest of the creative, has been part of the basic tenets of digital creatives for over a decade now.

But now, thanks to mobile devices and social media, a CTA can be a lot more than just a simple link, redirecting users to a landing page. Maps, phone calls, SMS - there's a lot you can do with the humble CTA these days.

This is one of the reasons NEXD Campaign Manager offers these special CTA functions.

Here's a few other reasons why adding them makes sense, for you:

  • Get more leads, faster: by removing the need for a landing page, you're able to reduce the steps required to get your leads to pick up the phone or visit your store.
  • Your audience wants them: similar functionality is already offered by the likes of Facebook, so your customers are already familiar with how it works.
  • Lower cost leads: by removing the need for a landing page you're able to reduce costs for building landing pages - just have them call you directly!
  • Speed up your pipeline: coupling an SMS CTA with your own SMS-based chat bot is a great way to get customers going from lead to sale in a fraction of the time it takes.

What CTA types does NEXD Campaign Manager offer?

In addition to the "standard" URL redirect CTA functionality that's present in all our creative templates, NEXD Campaign Manager also offers an extra layer of interactivity, via the Action Bar.

The Action Bar appears at the bottom of your NEXD Campaign Manager creative. It is 30px tall and is overlayed on top of the creative.

The Action Bar supports the following primary Call To Action types:

  • Call - Calls a specified number
  • SMS - Opens the user's default SMS messaging app and sends a message of your choice to the number you specify
  • Map - Opens Google Maps and drops a pin at a specified location
  • Link - A simple URL, redirecting the user to your landing page

On top of these primary CTA functions, the Action Bar includes additional CTA options. These are included regardless of the primary CTA function you choose when you create your ad.

The secondary Call To Action types are:

  • Share - Opens a list of social networking platforms to share the ad to
  • Save - Saves the current view of the ad as an image to their device

Want to learn more about how to add these special CTA functions to your NEXD Campaign Manager creatives? We've put together this article to help get you up and running:

Adding NEXD Campaign Manager CTA Function to Your Creatives

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